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For the finest and most attentive custom travel plans in Ecuador, we are at you complete service.  From full customized itinerary planning to individually escorted tours by knowledgeable and competent guides, we will attend to every requirement of your visit to Ecuador.

Hotel selection, reservations, restaurant reservations, to complete escorted to trips to Galápagos,

Based in Quito, Ecuador, we provide the finest in custom tailored escorted tour arrangements in the country. Let us show you the splendours of this remarkably beautiful country with your own personal bilingual guide. Every guest is treated to fully custom designed introduction to my country. Let us take care of all of the details, letting you just enjoy the majesty of Ecuador.

We are also a gay-friendly agency, providing custom tours designed especially for
our gay/lesbian/transgendered guests. No matter your age, interests, or desires, we can provide the finest in escorted services.

Please contact us and allow us to make your visit to beautiful Ecuador a memory for a lifetime.
Fore more information, please contact with us;

Mobile & Whatsapp : (593)  986-588-404 
Phone: (593) 2 604 2845
Skype: paiscanela 
Quito - Ecuador

4 comentarios:

Francisco Guayasamin dijo...

ok, tourists, when you come to a new place/country that you wish to visit, and perhaps have been planning for a very long time and spending money on you special trip. To ensure that you have a wonderful time and value for you money and also make friends and be included in cool cultural events. Be polite, remember to say thank you and remember you are not the only person there. You are entering and staying in someone else's land and or home. So please don't push yourself around, please don't force yourself into spaces that are otherwise occupied.... If you start talking down to people and you start talking in "like down at people like" talk like" you will find that without words understood you are speaking in a body language that you will find other people may take offence to in any language or culture. All I ask it in general please be kind, most people deserve at least that.

Anónimo dijo...

You're the best, Francisco! You showed us Ecuador as only a native can. Thanks!

Dan Feldman

Anónimo dijo...

hanks again Francisco for a memorable life time vacation to your country.
You made the trip so much more!!

Sandie Demarta Mcclary

Anónimo dijo...

I just love Ecuador, such an incredible country, no words to describe how I feel about this place and its people, I love it more than my own native country.

Carlita Shaw