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If you’re interested in gay culture and activities in Quito - Ecuador, you’ve come to the right place! We are active members of the local gay community, and can offer you the following experiences:

·       We can take you to the gay bars and nightclubs in Quito,  and advise you on a range of issues from the styles of music and the kind of atmosphere they offer to personal security when you’re out and about at night.

At different times of the year, it is possible to attend and participate in gay events like the gay film festival, literary workshops focused on gay literature, Gay pride parade, etc. We actively participate in these events and would love to get you involved, if you wish! We can even introduce you to gay authors, directors, etc.

Restaurants are another part of the gay culture in Quito. We can take you to an upscale, reasonably-priced, gay-friendly restaurant which offers gourmet Belgian-Ecuadorian fusion cuisine. If you prefer lighter fare, there’s also a nice gay (not just gay-friendly) restaurant that offers drinks and light snacks.

When you’re looking for relaxation or a great massage, we can take you to the local saunas and also advise you on safety and security.

Also if you are planing to retire in Quito Ecuador, we can show you how to live here and save your money...

Will be a pleasure to guide you , please contact us: 
Skype: paiscanela
Phone: (+593) 2 6042845
Mobile & Whatsapp: (593) 986 588 404

To dial from outside Ecuador, replace the initial 0 with + 593
which is the country code for Ecuador.
Example: + 593 986 588 404

* Para mayor información sobre tours en Español por favor visite:
Quito Gay Tours - Español

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