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For the finest and most attentive custom travel plans in Ecuador, we are at you complete service.  From full customized itinerary planning to individually escorted tours by knowledgeable and competent guides, we will attend to every requirement of your visit to Ecuador.

Hotel selection, reservations, restaurant reservations, to complete escorted to trips to Galápagos,

Based in Quito, Ecuador, we provide the finest in custom tailored escorted tour arrangements in the country. Let us show you the splendours of this remarkably beautiful country with your own personal bilingual guide. Every guest is treated to fully custom designed introduction to my country. Let us take care of all of the details, letting you just enjoy the majesty of Ecuador.

We are also a gay-friendly agency, providing custom tours designed especially for
our gay/lesbian/transgendered guests. No matter your age, interests, or desires, we can provide the finest in escorted services.

Please contact us and allow us to make your visit to beautiful Ecuador a memory for a lifetime.
Fore more information, please contact with us;

Mobile & Whatsapp : (593)  986-588-404 
Phone: (593) 2 604 2845
Skype: paiscanela 
Quito - Ecuador

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In Ecuador there are not full gay cruises, so we want to be honest with you. Most of our Galapagos Operators know the kind of costumers that we introduce them. So they treat to GLBT people with kindness and respect.

We offer different kind of Galapagos Cruisses for any kind of customers, we have a big options of yatchs since tourist classe up to luxury boats.

For more information about Yatch , Sailing Boats and Catamarans you can give a click in:

Also we can help you with all your tours, hotel reservations, transfer, air tickets and personalized tour guide that you need in the Ecuador continental area.

For more information, please contact us:

Mobile & Whatsapp : (593) 986 588 404

Phone: (593) 2 604 2845
Skype: paiscanela
Facebook: Galapagos GAY Tours


If you’re interested in gay culture and activities in Quito - Ecuador, you’ve come to the right place! We are active members of the local gay community, and can offer you the following experiences:

·       We can take you to the gay bars and nightclubs in Quito,  and advise you on a range of issues from the styles of music and the kind of atmosphere they offer to personal security when you’re out and about at night.

At different times of the year, it is possible to attend and participate in gay events like the gay film festival, literary workshops focused on gay literature, Gay pride parade, etc. We actively participate in these events and would love to get you involved, if you wish! We can even introduce you to gay authors, directors, etc.

Restaurants are another part of the gay culture in Quito. We can take you to an upscale, reasonably-priced, gay-friendly restaurant which offers gourmet Belgian-Ecuadorian fusion cuisine. If you prefer lighter fare, there’s also a nice gay (not just gay-friendly) restaurant that offers drinks and light snacks.

When you’re looking for relaxation or a great massage, we can take you to the local saunas and also advise you on safety and security.

Also if you are planing to retire in Quito Ecuador, we can show you how to live here and save your money...

Will be a pleasure to guide you , please contact us: 
Skype: paiscanela
Phone: (+593) 2 6042845
Mobile & Whatsapp: (593) 986 588 404

To dial from outside Ecuador, replace the initial 0 with + 593
which is the country code for Ecuador.
Example: + 593 986 588 404

* Para mayor información sobre tours en Español por favor visite:
Quito Gay Tours - Español



Experience complete peace of mind and security with our personalized transportation service. Our transportation service includes local transport to Quito hotels from the Mariscal Sucre International Airport as well as transportation to any part of Ecuador that you would like to visit.

Our transportation service between Quito hotels and the airport operates 24-hours a day.

We understand that flights are sometimes delayed. Rest assured that when your flight does arrive, a smiling face will greet you in the waiting room, along with a sign with your name upon it for easy recognition.

You will be escorted in a private taxi with a tourist guide who can answer any questions or concerns you might have about Ecuador or your trip. As part of our white glove service, we will also accompany you to the airport for your return flight. This includes assistance with check-in and any support needed at customs.

A new access road to the Quito airport opened in December 2014.  It takes an hour or more to travel from the airport to Quito during rush hour traffic.  Non-peak travel times between 21:00 and 06:00 takes about 45 minutes.

From 1 to 2 people.
From 07:00 until 20:00 - $ 35
From 20:00 until 07:00 - $45

Please see our special rates for more than 3 people.

Para tu tranquilidad y seguridad te ofrecemos un servicio personalizado de
transporte desde el aeropuerto de Quito hacia un hotel en la ciudad o hacia cualquier parte del Ecuador según tu requerimiento.

El nuevo aeropuerto de Quito esta fuera de la ciudad, prácticamente a una hora y media.

En casos que no hay trafico , por ejemplo desde las 21:00 hasta las 06:00 realizamos una hora de promedio en trasladarte sea aeropuerto - hotel en Quito o viceversa.

Nosotros te esperamos, incluso en casos de que los vuelos esten retrazados.

En la sala de espera estamos con un cartel con tu nombre para que nos identifiques
y luego te llevamos al Hotel en Quito que hayas reservado.

Igualmente a cualquier hora del día realizamos los transfers desde el Hotel en Quito hacía el aeropuerto "Mariscal Sucre".

Tu viaje será en un taxi privado respaldado por la compañía de un guía de turismo que en el transcurso del transfer podrás realizarle  todas las preguntas o inquietudes que tengas sobre Ecuador

y tu viaje y el gustosamente te dará una explicación aclarando tus inquietudes.


de 1 a 2 personas.
Desde las 07:00 hasta las 20:00 - $ 35
Desde las 20:00 hasta las 07:00 - $ 45

Si son más de tres pasajeros por favor consultar nuestras  tarifas especiales.
Phone: (593) 2 604 28 45
Mobile: (593) 986 588 404

Skype: paiscanela

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This Small village, about 3 hours from Quito, is a popular destination for bird watchers and nature lovers. It´s a beautiful area with over 400 species of birds. Mindo is known as the land of Eternal Spring

Over 170 species of orchids have been identified within the reserve of Mindo whish lies in a region with some of the highest rates of plant endemism in the world.

Mindo is also a perfect area for adventure sports. Horseback riding, mountain biking, tubing or rafting in the rushing Mindo River. And exciting experience to enjoy watching the wildlife and the beautiful natural landscapes while you go down – river. 

Tour Guide: 1 pax - $ 80     2 pax - $ 100    3 pax - $ 120
Private Transport. ( 1, 2 or 3 pax) -  $ 130

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Otavalo has the world famous and colorfull market with indigenous hadcrafts.
The craft fair is whre their skilled hands shape up textiles, pottery, ceramics, cabuya and hats.
Also we show you the food market.

It is better to do the tour on saturdays that is the main fair. 

Also we take you to Cotacachi , Cuicocha Lake and Peguche Watterfalls in one day tour.

Tour Guide: 1 pax - $ 80     2 pax - $ 100    3 pax - $ 120
Private Transport. ( 1, 2 or 3 pax) -  $ 130

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011


 Full tour to the nicest lake inside one crater 

- Traditional Breakfast at la Pastorita.
- Visiting La Victoria, a small town that most of the people is dedicated to make ceramics.

- Tigua, the place of Naif Art paintors and mask made in wood.
- The Toachi Cañón.
- Quilotoa Lake. 


1 Pax: $ 220
2 Pax: $ 240
3 Pax : $ 260

It is necessary a private car to go to this places.

More info and reservations:
Mobile & Whatsapp (593) 986 588 404
Phone: (593) 2 604 2845
Skype: paiscanela

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Papallacta is a small village  2 hours from Quito - North East. 

During the travel we can stop watching how the land scape changes, because we are going from the highlands to the entrance of the Jungle, if the weather is fine, also we can see the Intisana Mountain.

Papallacta is well known by its thermals, hot spring waters, where people who suffer of different health problems go there to get a therapy bewteen the hot and cold water. Also is a good place for relax.

We can take you there any day during the week, but is better to go  Monday to Friday. (Less people)


1 Pax: $ 200
2 Pax: $ 220
3 Pax: $ 240 

Includes: Personal tour guide and private transportation.
It doesn´t include: Entrances to the thermas and meals. 


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Ecuador spans four vastly different worlds. From the endless reaches of the Amazon, to the breathtaking beauty of the Andes, to the pristine stretches of the Coast and the legendary Galapagos Islands – each region boasts a unique landscape, ecosystem and culture. Nowhere else on earth can visitors experience such extreme diversity in one country. And because Ecuador is only the size of Nevada (United States), it’s possible to see it all in just one trip!

In our country we don´t have Gay Hotels but we can offer "Gay Friendly Hotels"  that we have contact with, and they know our type of customers . You will be treated with respect .

Also in Quito we have apparments for rent  with all the services included.  Some times this is  better than stay in one hotel.  Rates are lower and  have  more services.  All those apparments are gay owned. 

For more infomation about Hotels and Lodging you can visit

If you want to see more pics , you can also find us on Facebook as
Ecuador Gay Hotels  & Quito Gay Hotels. 

For ore information you can contact us: 

Skype: paiscanela

Phone: (+593) 2 6042845
To dial from outside Ecuador, replace the initial 0 with +593, which is the country code for Ecuador.
Example: +593 986 588 404
Cell:  0986 588 404